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    MCS 90

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  • What a FMCSA MCS 90 is?

    Federal motor carrier service administration or FMCSA MCS 90 is a requirement of federal motor act 1980 for every auto hauler company. It’s a proof that you have the insurance you need as an auto hauler in case your carrier faces any accident or damage while shipment of cars. We understand that as an auto hauler you need to have a proof of your car hauler’s insurance whether you are operating inter-city or intra city. We also understand that some of auto haulers do self-insurance of their hauling company, but in this case too MCS 90 is required.

    Why the MCS 90’s Guarantee is required?

    You don’t need to be frustrated about MCS 90 as it is not anything more than a guarantee, a guarantee that you have some source to pay for the loss which you may encounter in shipment process. You don’t need to be panic for MCS-90 service as we are here to assist you in this regard. This guarantee is required basically for the purpose of ensuring public that they have not to endure any financial consequences even if the motor carrier doesn’t have the minimums required for the shipment process.

    What MCS 90 States?

    The MCS-90 itself states that it “covers all vehicles owned, operated, or maintained by the insured regardless of whether or not each motor vehicle is specifically described in the policy.”

    We suggest you to have your file MCS done on time as in case of any claim if it’s paid out under this act chance are higher for insurance company to regain any loses by subrogating claims paid for a motor carrier. Further, file MCS offers the opportunity to a motor carrier to ensure financial responsibility by providing a surety bond. If you are operating as a motor carrier you can choose the option to procure insurance through market and if you do so, you require FMCSA MCS 90 agreement. This may sound troublesome but we are here to assist you in whole process so that you may remain at ease.

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    We understand that file MCS 90 is quite a complex procedure but you can’t simply ignore its importance as it is responsible in making you stand as a successful auto hauler. If you are searching out for a trustworthy MCS 90 services we are a click away from you, give us a try and we won’t leave you disappointed.

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