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  • Are you running an auto hauler business and striving for your carrier’s insurance so that it may keep moving on the roads safely, we are at your service.

    Why an Auto Hauler’s insurance is Necessary?

    Cars are an important asset of their owners and they can’t afford any risks when it comes to their shipment. Therefore, as a hauler, it is necessary to have the insurance of your carriers done in time, as you have some expensive cargo to protect from damage, breakage, or theft while you are towing it.

    What We offer:

    We deal with all types of your auto hauler’s insurance i.e either you are carrying new cars, used, scrapped, or wrecked ones, we are here to provide you insurance of your auto haulers. We provide economic pricing after calculating certain factors of your car hauling business including your drivers, your trucks, your loss history, your traffic tickets, contracts hauling radius, and your location. You don’t need to be panic about pricing even if you are hauling out of the state. Further, we provide you different converges to protect your auto haulers. Yes, having your auto hauler's insurance done from us incorporate auto liability, bodily injury liability, property damage liability, physical damage insurance, collision, comprehensive, and cargo insurances, etc.

    Why Cargo Insurance is more is Important?

    Cargo insurance is the most important one for your car haulers as it provides coverage to repair or replace the damaged cargo. We understand that problems can come to anyone at any time but the sensibility is; preparing yourself before time and keeping yourself at the safe side. Therefore, we don’t want you to miss out cargo insurance of your auto haulers as we understand that vehicle owners must require it before they allow you to ship their cars. Physical damages can also be a matter of stress for you, therefore getting trailer coverage favors you in such a case. It provides physical damage repair and you don’t need to pay a heavy amount for it.

    Areas We Cover:

    • 1. Philadelphia
    • 2. Newark
    • 3. Baltimore
    • 4. Pittsburgh
    • 5. Harrisburg
    • 6. Allentown
    • 7. Raleigh

    We also provide customized insurance policies according to your hauling business’ demands. We care for your heavy investments in your trucks and cargo you take and provide you premium insurance services that offer you the best coverage. If you are running a car hauling business and actually looking for premium car hauler insurance services, must check us out, as we believe in quality services and our customers' satisfaction.

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